EU research project

EU ForschungsprojektLeonardo da Vinci partnership project CAM-PROF aims at supporting professionals working in the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that are dealing with chronic diseases (mainly inflammatory and neurological).

In most of European Union countries Complementary and Alternative Medicine although being a big part of health care sector is still not regulated well, both in terms of educational and qualification requirements and standards. That is why CAM-PROF project partners working in the CAM field for many years understood the necessity to work in the direction of unification of the educational standards in CAM in Europe as well as standarization of particular procedures. Since CAM is covering a wide range of different areas and working with lots of diseases project partners decided to focus this project just on the chronic diseases.

The primary target group of this project will be professionals working with chronic diseases in following professions:

  1. acupuncture
  2. chiropractic
  3. herbal medicine
  4. stress therapy and meditation
  5. hypnotherapy

The secondary target group of this project will be the patients of the therapists participating in the project. They will benefit by having a possible new ways to approach their diseases.

CAM-PROF project focuses on the comparison of the partners countries regulatory systems regarding education and professional development in CAM (in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Spain and Turkey).

During the project partners will develop common code of ethics for professionals and the handbook with best practices to work with patience with chronic diseases. Das CAM-PROF project emphasizes cooperation between vocational education and training and the world of work and involve partners from both sides.

More information is available at Leonardo Da Vinci Website.