About interactive Medicine

Keltische FesteWho ist he founder of the „interactive Medicine“?
Lady Susan V. E. A. M. is the founder of the „interactive medicine“.

What is the meaning of interactive Medicine?
“Interactive Medicine” does not want to reinvent the wheel, but instead aims to combine the tried and trusted from so called “school-medicine” but also alternative medicine from east and west and psychology to use it for the benefit of mankind. It is attempting to reunite the knowledge that never should have been separated.

The interaction in the sense of “restoration of the whole” is actively lived in an interdisciplinary active action of medicine (school and alternative/complementary), psychology and ultimately also philosophy. “Interactive medicine” diagnoses, treats and teaches in consideration and by calling upon these three disciplines.

Furthermore, it eliminates another “impermissible separation“, namely the separation of “academic medicine” and “naturopathy” and considers, as well as uses, the knowledge of both fields as a whole.

The term “interaction” shall make clear that there must be a conscious action between and among all these disciplines in order to overcome separations and to reach a lived and thus also practised integration which allows the resources of the individual to be accessed in order to reach a state of self-sufficient life.

According to WHO the definition of health is as follows:
“Health is not only the absence of disease and infirmity but physical, mental and social well-being.

Modern interactive medicine observes, listens, empathizes and supports the self-sufficiency of the events of the body, soul and mind.