• What is Homeopathy?

    What is Homeopathy?

    Homoeopathy „Nunc vos potentes omnes herbas deprecor, exoro vos maiestatemque vestram, quas parens tellus generavit et cunctis gentibus dono dedit medicinam sanitatis.“ „Now I appeal to you, you powerful herbs, and I invoke your royal Majesty, because you were made of Mother Earth and given to all people as a gift and medicine for healing.“ […]

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  • Hypnosis Book

    Hypnosis Book

    Being-as-self in autarchy through hypnosis. A psychological-philosophical observation.

    Living authentically and autarchically, who wouldn’t want that?
    With her book, the author would like to show how to reach this goal.

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  • About interactive Medicine

    About interactive Medicine

    Who ist he founder of the „interactive Medicine“? Lady Susan V. E. A. M. is the founder of the „interactive medicine“. What is the meaning of interactive Medicine? “Interactive Medicine” does not want to reinvent the wheel, but instead aims to combine the tried and trusted from so called “school-medicine” but also alternative medicine from […]

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In addition to the medical treatment the focus of our daily work is the healthy human to the highest degree and the activation of its inner resources.